How To Take Your Writing From Fiverr To Full-time

What Is is a big online market where people can bid for a wide range of products or services.

What makes Fiverr different from other job auction websites, (such as Elance for example), is subtly hidden within the name of the website. All the jobs at Fiverr are done for five dollars.

With every service or product set at a static price of just $5, (which buyers are required to pay in advance), this website has thrived as a hub for freelancers of all backgrounds. And to date, well over 3 million services or products having been purchased through

Get Started By Researching The Marketplace

To succeed in finding work on Fiverr, first and foremost, you need to be original. When you advertise your services, (otherwise referred to on Fiverr as 'gigs'), you have to be able to stand out and capture the attention of potential buyers.

The best way to go about this is to browse through the 'Featured & Top Sellers' listed on Fiverr's home page.

As you read through the promotional pages of these top sellers, ask yourself these three questions:

* How do they present themselves?
* What kind of lay out have they used on their self-promotion page?
* Do they offer any bonuses or gig extras, in addition to their work, to help entice in buyers?

It is also worth having a read through their buyer feedback. Sometimes a buyer review lets you know specifically what they truly loved about that sellers service.

Use what you have learned and apply it to your own self-promotion page on Fiverr.

Promote Your Gigs

The number one way to promote yourself on Fiverr is through social media. It is the ideal way to grab the attention of buyers fast and will help you to build an online writing income.

The big three social media sites, Facebook, Twitter & Pinterest, are the first places you should look to, to advertise your Fiverr gig page.

Get involved by updating your social media profiles regularly, letting people know what kind of work you can provide, whilst always remembering to link back to your Fiverr promotional page.

Other social media websites, that have been proven to attract potential buyers, are Reddit, Yahoo Answers and YouTube.

My advice, with these particular three social media websites, is not to plug your gig page. Instead answer questions, where possible, relating to your area of expertise. Build helpful rapport and come across as knowledgeable in your field of writing.

Four Points To Keep In Mind Before You Get Started

1. Begin by only taking on 1 or 2 online writing gigs. Use these gigs to learn and understand the Fiverr system.
2. Use the Fiverr forums to read through a few case studies.
3. Learn to understand the feedback system. Buyers (the people purchasing your written work) can at times leave negative feed back. Learn how to handle and respond to it effectively.
4. Keep persevering. It can take a few weeks to start to build a good income.


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